How it Works

  1. Working with your Donor, define the donation. A donation can be a stand-alone Prize, or a component you’ll bundle with other donations to form a Prize.
  2. Get each Donor’s signature on a separate Donor Commitment. (Skip this step if you’ve got the donation (tangible) or a Donor-provided certificate (non-tangible)).
  3. Get images; at least 4 images per PrizeĀ and 1 logo per Donor. The Donor is often the best source. [Image size.]
  4. Use a single Prize Worksheet to help you assemble in one place the data you’ll need to submit your Prize.
  5. Click “Submit Prize” (above) to begin submitting the Prize and Donor(s) data.
  6. Click “Submit Images” (above) to begin submitting images and logo(s).

The Auction Team Leaders will take it from there, reviewing, polishing and enhancing what you submit for inclusion in our online auction catalog.