Twenty-six years ago, the Mendocino Music Festival was invited to hold its first season on the Mendocino Headlands. Every July since then, the tent concert hall has been raised next to the Ford House, under the stewardship of the Mendocino Area Parks Association. MAPA and MMF have a close and mutually beneficial relationship, with similar missions; to inspire, enrich and educate. Both organizations contribute to the economic viability of the area by drawing thousands of visitors each year to the Mendocino Headlands. As the Festival’s neighbor and host on the headlands, MAPA has always worked hand in hand with MMF, accommodating the Festival in countless ways, both seen and unseen. In turn, the Festival has supported MAPA over the years. The Festival’s very character depends largely on its magnificent setting—in a park!

We’re sure you’re aware of the severe crisis facing Mendocino area parks—the heart and soul of our beloved coast—and of the importance of our parks to nearly every facet of life here. To a large extent, our culture, our health, and our economy all depend on their survival. You may also be aware of the excellent work MAPA does to help keep these parks open and thriving, and how crucial their work has become with the threatened closure of many.

In July, 2011, the Mendocino Music Festival had great success with its first online auction through Bidding for Good, an online auction platform that has helped non-profits raise over $140 million. We’re happy to announce that MMF and MAPA have joined forces for a July, 2012 online auction. With this partnership, we expect to surpass last year’s phenomenal auction success, and give both organizations the resources we need to continue enhancing life on the Mendocino Coast for everyone.

We’re excited about the collaboration between Parks and the Festival. Needless to say, both organizations have been severely pinched by the economic downturn. Through this project the organizations will build awareness of the other, and draw new attendees to each. Sharing our resources can only lead to a successful outcome that will strengthen both MMF and MAPA — and nurture all of us who love both music and nature.